ICC Fundraising Event for Lombok 2018

As you may be aware, there was a massive earthquake followed by hundreds of aftershocks that hit the Lombok Island, one of the islands surrounding the island of Bali, Indonesia, causing hundreds of people died and many more homeless. Even to this dates, there were still aftershocks being felt by the people of the Lombok Island.

As a community organization that is based in Ottawa with many members originating from Indonesia, the Indonesian Canadian Congress (ICC) felt the loss, the sorrows and the desperation of the victims of the Lombok earthquake in trying to go back to their normal life. As an effort to help those victims, the Indonesian Canadian Congress will be hosting a fundraising event in a form of Theatrical fashion show performance.

The event will take place on:
Day / Date Tuesday, October 16, 2018
Time 6:30 - 8:30 pm
Venue City Hall, Jean Pigott Room
110 Laurier Avenue West, Ottawa, ON

To order ticket online, please click on this link.

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Asian Heritage Month Open House

In collaboration with the Embassy of Indonesia, ICC hosted the Asian Heritage Month Open House on November 22nd, 2005

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