Annual General Meeting 2014 – Youth and Wisdom

Time goes by and the Indonesian Canadian Congress (ICC) is 9 years old since it was established in 2005. This year the ICC will hold an Annual General Meeting (AGM) on March 9, 2014, starting at 12 pm at the Jim Durrell Recreation Center in Ottawa. In line with our vision to make a better future for our younger generations our AGM theme is “A Better Community Empowerment through Youth and Wisdom”. We have prepared the slew of programs below.

One of big event during this year AGM is election of new executives and board members. We are hoping for more of new faces with refresh and new idea. While at the same time lead and direct with wisdom and 9 years’ strong experience in community organization. We had up and down during our journey but our objective is clear to better empower the Indonesian Community in Ottawa with continuing active and positive of regeneration. The Indonesian Embassy and Indonesian Election committee will also present to socialize upcoming big Indonesian election and bring the latest information from Indonesia.

Thousands of islands and thousands of ethnicity build “The Jewel of Equator” called Indonesia. They also bring famous and diverse Indonesian culinary that always please the food critics. During this occasion we will have two top Indonesian culinary icon dishes “Rawon” the famous black soup and “Nasi Tumpeng”.

The RAWON is one of the most popular dish in East Java with black nuts as the main spices. It is mixed with the beef to make great soup to eat with rice and several condiments including “sambal oelek”, the well-known of Indonesia’s hot sauce.

The “CORNUCOPIA RICE” or “NASI TUMPENG” is another well-known dish, especially serve during anniversary or event celebration. The rice is shaped like a mountain and is surrounded by assorted Indonesian dishes into a complex and artistically decorated displays. Each ingredient past of “Nasi Tumpeng” has philosophical meanings: yellow rice that spice-up with turmeric, lemon grass and coconut milk is a symbol of a glory. The chicken dish is a symbol of hard work without being greedy. The egg dish has a meaning of completeness in the circle of life while dried anchovy dish is meant for togetherness. These Two main dishes will mark the celebration of the 9th AGM of ICC. Off course there will be many other dishes from many regions in Indonesia which will be presented in a mini bazaar.

In addition there will be an exhibition of Indonesian’s handicrafts as sculptures, masks, accessories, and Batik’s Ware. Just a taste of batik during this event ICC will present few of those in BATIK FASHION SHOW. Other traditional performances including traditional dance and a performance with musical instrument “ANGKLUNG” from West Java. The Angklung is a musical instrument made from of bamboo which was also designated by UNESCO as a Masterpiece of Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity on November 18, 2010. The Angklung will be performed by Indonesian Canadian Angklung Society (ICAS) group.
We hope series of program of this half day family friendly event will bring joy and fun while helping ICC grows and able to be self-independent. Proceed from mini bazaar and silent auction as well as voluntary donation will be used to fund future ICC activities. And it is “From US to US for Better Community Empowerment through Youth and Wisdom”.

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