ICC AGM 2014 Report – Looking Forward Into Future

Puji syukur – Thank God – Alhamdulillah for the safety completion on our ICC annual general meeting. We have one of highest attended AGM in 9 years of ICC Canada federally incorporate community  organization.

We thank you to event committee, all volunteers, bazaar vendors and especially to all respected guests from all community members in Ottawa area. From Indonesian Embassy Ottawa staff lead by Ambassador Ibu Diene, Indonesian and Canadian loving residence from Gatineau, Ottawa, Kanata, Orleans and more.  We appreciate all help, support and donation to make this event a success. The event shows that we can be together with harmony, we can be better and refocus with wisdom. Let’s build our bright future together for our youth generation to come. 

At this time, I would like to report ICC AGM 2014 result related to financial and new ICC Board of Director election. Not only box money donation, merchandise for Silent Auction and Door Price, Tor Tor dance box donation led by family of Situmorang, individual cash donation, we also received food donation line up  from the our own ICC family kitchen to display one of 30 Indonesian culinary icon “Nasi Tumpeng with all in condiments and decorations”, food donation from Indonesian Embassy and Dharma Wanita, food donation from PPLN in the amount of $600 to showcase another culinary icon “Rawon completes”, cakes donation to celebrate ICC 9th anniversary and all kind of fruit, drink deserts to complete our feast Indonesian culinary journey experience for the event. It was an impressive cooperation, loving support and coordinating to all of us Indonesian Canadian community member.

The monetary value for the above donation and volunteer time are priceless. I sincerely thanks to all and congratulate to all involved. Thank you to Ibu Edith as the event treasurer for compiling, verifying and reporting that the current standing cash flow from ICC AGM 2014 is net positive of $403.85 which bring current ICC cash asset to $4690.85 from 2013 cash asset reported during AGM 2014 of $4287.

Income Total: $1611,00

  • Donation Box : $338.00
  • Donation Food PPLN: $600.00
  • Bazaar Vendor Fee: $276.00
  • Silent Auction: $147.00
  • Check donation from ibu Nansie: $100
  • Rawon Vendor Donation: $150.00

Expense Total: #1207.15

  • Rawon completes : $600.00
  • Utensil, Flower, Decoration etc.: $154.45
  • Jim Durrell Hall Rental : $452.70 (Paid $652.70 with 200 deposit yet to be returned from Ottawa City)

One small fact to know about ICC finance from zero in 2005, the ICC first Administration was able to bring to $1718 in 2008/2009 then the second Administration raised more to $3864 in 2011 and here we are in 2013/2014 the ICC cash asset is at $4690. It is my humble opinion that all walk of life of ICC community are willing and generous. I also congratulate all previous ICC Board Directors and Executives from 2005 to 2013 for the sacrifice and work well done so far.  

Having said that let’s go further looking forward into future and congratulation to new elected ICC Board Directors 2014  (with one yet to be confirmed for availability – subject to change):

  1. Soesi Atantri
  2. Pande Hartana
  3. Gerald Robert
  4. Roy Hutagaol
  5. Ria Arthur
  6. Yvon Valade
  7. Marsusi Nurhadiyati
  8. Atiq Rehman (TBC)
  9. Dino Fikri
  10. Budi Mulyono
  11. Ririn Astari
  12. Robby Tulus
  13. Diah Anggraini
  14. Dimas Firmantoro
  15. Titin Suprihatin

According to current ICC by laws the board will consist of min 5 to max 15 members so we have sufficient candidates. Unfortunately we didn’t have a chance during AGM for new elected board to get together to elect new President. Therefore AGM 2014 ICC Election committee lead by pak Pande and pak Budi will arrange for following up with 2014 elected ICC Board Directors to appoint new ICC Executives. Let’s support the new ICC boards and executives into the future for all of us.

Also the new ICC administration team will have exciting time to refresh and refocus ICC direction as we will need to resubmit new ICC by laws and other document to comply with new “Not For Profit Act” from Canada Government by October 2014.

Nothing perfect come from human plan and creation, we made mistake, we did err, we said wrong, for those and any shortcoming from the AGM 2014 program or previous events we sincerely ask for apology.

I hope we can all be successful and healthy to build strong and more caring community.

Thank you



Closing Past Renew Our Future

Our dearest Indonesian Canadian Community

God willing we will have our Annual General Meeting 2014 on March 9, 2014 which should be exciting and happy time. Not only we will meet, we will greet, we will have fun, we will have good food from our family kitchen, but also at this time we will elect new board of directors and executives to lead us into the future.

We choose “Better Community Empowerment through Youth and Wisdom” as a theme and message for AGM 2014. Youth in the meaning of keep learning, keep finding a better way to grow community asset and potential while at the same time exercise knowledge and wisdom to ensure no community member felt behind as we have same ICC goals and objectives.

It is probably elections fever 2014 but it comes to our attention that there is concern within the community regarding one event back in 2010. The event was the first ICC Indonesian Night event with Asian Heritage Month Society Ottawa. The question is what happened to the-proceed from the bazaar and ticket sale from the May 21 2010 evening at Brookfield High School (BHS) Ottawa event.

First, the 2010 event report was actually created by Event Organizer right after the event completed. It was resulting in proceed of $654 from bazaar and ticket sold after vendor were paid. This money was split 60% ICC ($392.40) and 40% ($261.60) BHS according to agreement between ICC and BHS. Then there was ICC expenses that were paid at that night for paying custodian, transportation and accommodation for BHS employee and students performers in the amount of $120. The rest of $172.40 in form of cash and $100 in form of cheque were left in the money box. It was unfortunate that being very late at night, everyone was very tired after the event and they all wanted to go home quickly, this box contain the money was misplaced. The box was initially thought to be brought home by the Hendarna’s family. Later it was found that the box that were brought home was not the right box. In addition it was reported that Derry Hendarna’s Apple IPOD that was borrowed by ICC for the BHS event was lost, so we can imagine the confusion for the Hendarna’s family was in that evening.

Second, we, as the ICC executives, were quite surprised since this issue happened quite some time ago and it also had been brought to the attention of the ICC executives at that time led by Gita Nurlaila as president and Yvon Valade as Treasurer. After Indonesian Night 2011 event, as part of post event review, the 2010 BHS financial was discussed and examined. There were other expenses such as food pizza order during practice and miscellaneous which were paid first by Ibu Gita and Ibu Retty prior to the events. All this balance and expenses were compiled in May 2011 and considered to be completed at that time. ICC actually still owes the Hendarna’s as the lost IPOD was never replaced and with the Hendarna’s generosity they are not asking anymore.

So if there was to be a mistake, it was perhaps an ICC administrative error that the consolidation was not reported to community at large in detail so some members especially who were involved in that event just heard “the box money was lost at Hendarna’s garage”. In this regard, on behalf of executives both under Gita Nurlaila and Sanda Uttama, we ask for apology to all our community members. This was not intentional, we were and are still learning how to do better organization governance. And hopefully this can be a good lesson for next ICC board member and executives to come.

We would also like to point out that we are volunteer based organization, no one is getting paid for anything. Everyone provided a lot of their efforts: their time, energy and money to make all our events successful. All our events had been collective community efforts where everyone involved helps out and pitches in, including the Hendarna’s family, which was actually one of the key members of ICC that got out of their ways in getting a lot of sponsorships and volunteer a lot of their effort and time. They are still great supporter of ICC today and for that we thank you and should give them their deserved gratitude.

This join statement will be placed in ICC website as record of decision to close the matter. Let’s continue to empower better community with new refresh idea and wisdom governance for our son and daughter. Together we can.

Ottawa, 8 March 2014

Sanda Uttama, Gita Nurlaila, Yvon Valade

ICC AGM 2014 – Tentative Program

Time Tentative Program
11.00 – 12.00 Preparation
12.00 – 12.10 Opening and National Anthem (Indonesia and Canada)
12.10 – 12.30 Remarks:  Event Manager, ICC President, Indonesian Ambassador
12.30 – 13.30 Nasi Tumpeng, Lunch and Entertainment 1
13.30 – 14.30 Activity and Financial Report follow by ICC Board and Executives Election 2014  – 2016
14.30 – 14.45 Entertainment 2
14.45 – 15.15 2014 Indonesian Election Socialization by PPLN
15.15 – 15.30 Entertainment 3, Silent Auction 1 and Door Price 1
15.30 – 15.45 Looking into the community
15.45 – 16.15 Entertainment 4, Silent Auction 2 and Door Price 2
16.15 – 16.30 Dance and Picture Together
16.30 – 16.35 Closing