ICC AGM 2014 Report – Looking Forward Into Future

Puji syukur – Thank God – Alhamdulillah for the safety completion on our ICC annual general meeting. We have one of highest attended AGM in 9 years of ICC Canada federally incorporate community  organization.

We thank you to event committee, all volunteers, bazaar vendors and especially to all respected guests from all community members in Ottawa area. From Indonesian Embassy Ottawa staff lead by Ambassador Ibu Diene, Indonesian and Canadian loving residence from Gatineau, Ottawa, Kanata, Orleans and more.  We appreciate all help, support and donation to make this event a success. The event shows that we can be together with harmony, we can be better and refocus with wisdom. Let’s build our bright future together for our youth generation to come. 

At this time, I would like to report ICC AGM 2014 result related to financial and new ICC Board of Director election. Not only box money donation, merchandise for Silent Auction and Door Price, Tor Tor dance box donation led by family of Situmorang, individual cash donation, we also received food donation line up  from the our own ICC family kitchen to display one of 30 Indonesian culinary icon “Nasi Tumpeng with all in condiments and decorations”, food donation from Indonesian Embassy and Dharma Wanita, food donation from PPLN in the amount of $600 to showcase another culinary icon “Rawon completes”, cakes donation to celebrate ICC 9th anniversary and all kind of fruit, drink deserts to complete our feast Indonesian culinary journey experience for the event. It was an impressive cooperation, loving support and coordinating to all of us Indonesian Canadian community member.

The monetary value for the above donation and volunteer time are priceless. I sincerely thanks to all and congratulate to all involved. Thank you to Ibu Edith as the event treasurer for compiling, verifying and reporting that the current standing cash flow from ICC AGM 2014 is net positive of $403.85 which bring current ICC cash asset to $4690.85 from 2013 cash asset reported during AGM 2014 of $4287.

Income Total: $1611,00

  • Donation Box : $338.00
  • Donation Food PPLN: $600.00
  • Bazaar Vendor Fee: $276.00
  • Silent Auction: $147.00
  • Check donation from ibu Nansie: $100
  • Rawon Vendor Donation: $150.00

Expense Total: #1207.15

  • Rawon completes : $600.00
  • Utensil, Flower, Decoration etc.: $154.45
  • Jim Durrell Hall Rental : $452.70 (Paid $652.70 with 200 deposit yet to be returned from Ottawa City)

One small fact to know about ICC finance from zero in 2005, the ICC first Administration was able to bring to $1718 in 2008/2009 then the second Administration raised more to $3864 in 2011 and here we are in 2013/2014 the ICC cash asset is at $4690. It is my humble opinion that all walk of life of ICC community are willing and generous. I also congratulate all previous ICC Board Directors and Executives from 2005 to 2013 for the sacrifice and work well done so far.  

Having said that let’s go further looking forward into future and congratulation to new elected ICC Board Directors 2014  (with one yet to be confirmed for availability – subject to change):

  1. Soesi Atantri
  2. Pande Hartana
  3. Gerald Robert
  4. Roy Hutagaol
  5. Ria Arthur
  6. Yvon Valade
  7. Marsusi Nurhadiyati
  8. Atiq Rehman (TBC)
  9. Dino Fikri
  10. Budi Mulyono
  11. Ririn Astari
  12. Robby Tulus
  13. Diah Anggraini
  14. Dimas Firmantoro
  15. Titin Suprihatin

According to current ICC by laws the board will consist of min 5 to max 15 members so we have sufficient candidates. Unfortunately we didn’t have a chance during AGM for new elected board to get together to elect new President. Therefore AGM 2014 ICC Election committee lead by pak Pande and pak Budi will arrange for following up with 2014 elected ICC Board Directors to appoint new ICC Executives. Let’s support the new ICC boards and executives into the future for all of us.

Also the new ICC administration team will have exciting time to refresh and refocus ICC direction as we will need to resubmit new ICC by laws and other document to comply with new “Not For Profit Act” from Canada Government by October 2014.

Nothing perfect come from human plan and creation, we made mistake, we did err, we said wrong, for those and any shortcoming from the AGM 2014 program or previous events we sincerely ask for apology.

I hope we can all be successful and healthy to build strong and more caring community.

Thank you



Thank You, Indonesian Night 2012 is a success


We have done it. ICC  biggest event for 2012 so far was stage-managed safely and successfully.   Alhamdulillah. We would not have done it without sacrifice and countless time from all volunteer before, during and after event.

I personally thank you to all and here are my thoughts from Indonesian Night 2012 speech:

Peace to us all, salam sejahtera untuk kita semua

Excellencies, Distinguished Guests, Ladies and Gentlemen,
Good evening, this is a very outstanding moment for me to be with so many dedicated and helpful people, I feel overjoyed.
Let me express my deep honor and pleasure at being here. It is with gratification and interest, as President of ICC to welcome you today on the occasion of the Indonesian Night 2012 presented by Indonesian community in Ottawa – Indonesian Canadian Congress or ICC as part of Asian Heritage Month Society in Ottawa.

We are happy to have full support and cooperation from the Indonesian Ambassador Mme. Dienne and her diplomatic and local staff. We are also acknowledging the financial support from our main sponsor BMW lead by Mme Huguette, Interlanguages International Language School, FH Rowat Insurance Agency and Cowater International. Other financial and non-financial items are also donated from anonymous friends, The Bay, Independent Mary Kay, East View Travel, J Michaels, Vernini Man’s Wear, Palais Imperial Restaurant, Mandarin Ogilvy Restaurant, Yang Ming Buffet, Mampong Grocery. I would like to express my sincere appreciation and thank you for all their supports.

We will share portion of sponsor and revenue from tonight to be donated to Indonesian orphanage in Indonesia and here in Ottawa to Ottawa Food Bank or the Mission. Some box donations are outside and all donations proceed from there will go toward those charities directly.

However this event will not be possible without support and countless time of community volunteer. Apologize if I miss anyone but in this regard, I would like to express my gratitude to all volunteer and committee from adviser lead by Mr. Agoes, manager/co manager ibu Retty and ibu Ida, coaching from ibu Fanny,Mas Eko, ibu Ririn, make up lead by by ibu Nellie, ibu Liswati, stage decoration  lead by Mas Bas, ibu Soesi, transportation pak Budi, pak Amin, guest reception and hospitality lead by Ibu Nina, team photography pak Dino and pak Robert from RSV Photography, publication and IT pak Pande, to all performers, all board of member, and very importantly our team of ladies on food and refreshment lead by ibu Susi, ibu Endah, ibu Budi,ibu Nur,  ibu Meta, ibu Iis, with food donation from Chahaya Malaysia, Matar Market, Thai Express and Vanellis from St Laurent Mall Food Court and other individual for all their considerable efforts to help us satisfied tonight.

This evening we will celebrate friendship, culture richness, and blessed living in Ottawa, beautiful Canada capital. I stand here today humbled by generosity and cooperation from everyone youth and their parents to come practice and help from everyone to plan and make this event a success.  The Indonesian Night 2012 theme Friendship is core of our relationship with everyone including Canada. As ICC Vision is to establish a forum among countries, especially between Canada and Indonesia, in all aspects, including education, technology, and social, through community involvement, so that together we can shape our world for a better future for our younger generations to come.

We are greeting our guest with Balinese Gamelan Semara Winangun  – Mrs. Yukie W  and from the line up program we have selected performer youth and adult with song and choreographer, dance from Indonesia, Asean countries Thailand, Sajojo and world from Latin Americas Salsa with song Alusiau from Batak Sumatra as line dancing, from Indonesian muslim community rebana Pesona Nusantara and fashion show to showcase how diverse and rich Indonesian Culture is with more than 13 thousand island, multi ethnics, one of biggest democratic countries with abundance human resource potential. In addition this year we will also recognize one of our community members from her initiative to initiate and maintain Ottawa Scholarship for many many years and hopefully many years to come.

This year we will also celebrate the 60th anniversary Indonesia and Canada and 35 year Asean – Canada relationship then later this year the Indonesian Embassy will host even bigger event, looking forward to it.
It is my sincere hope that this event will entertain as well connecting and make friend for all attendance to exchange conversation and share experiences

Enjoy the evening.
Thank you very much, terima kasih banyak and finally my salam to all of you.





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