ICC Mailing List


Indonesia Canadian Congress provides mailing lists as a medium to publish and communicate ICC programs to its members. It also can be used as a medium to communicate between ICC members.

In general, using mailing list instead of regular email to communicate has some advantages, such as:

  • Only need to remember one email address.
  • All emails are archived.
  • Better control. You can set your mailing list subscription to receive email regularly, or within a bulk, or completely not receiving email.

As any other things, it has also some disadvantages such as if the email contain virus, it will be easier to spread, etc. Because of that reason, only members of the mailing list are allowed to send the email, and email attachment will be automatically discarded.

Type of Mailing List

ICC maintains two mailing lists:

  • ICC Board mailing list
    This is an invitation only mailing list and is used as a communication media for ICC board of directors.
  • General Community mailing list
    This is an open mailing list and intended as medium to communicate between the community.

General Community Mailing List


To subscribe to this mailing list, you can do the following:

Sending Message

To send message to the General Community mailing list, send it to icc-member@googlegroups.com.

Filtering Your Email

The subscribers of the mailing list will get an email when other members of the list post a message to the list. To better manage your email, the email sent to the mailing list subscribers will have a subject line begins with the word [ICC Member], which can be used to filter the email.

Please note that the email addresses used for the mailing list will not be used for any other purposes other than for communication only.

Manage Subscription

To manage your mailing list subscription, please go to this page.

Getting Help

If you have difficulties with the mailing list, or want to manage your subscription, you can read Google mailing list management information page to get more information.