Income Tax Preparation

The Indonesian Canadian Congress (ICC) is providing free income tax preparation for 2011 tax season in Canada. This service will be provided every Saturday through the end of April 2012 at Pincrest Recreation Complex 2250 Torquay Ave, Ottawa ON K2C 1J4. Please send your appoinment request to

Why do I need to file income tax?

As general rule, if you are a resident of Canada and has taxable income during 2011 tax season, you have to file income tax.

For family, filing income tax is necessary if you want to apply for CCTB, subsidy for child care or children activity, etc.

For student, most probably your expenses (rent, tuition fee, etc.) are much higher that your taxable income. In this case you probably do not have to pay taxes, instead you will get refund.

ICC activities and practices are to start March 10, 2012

Salam and Dear All ICC Friends and Families

We have several activities line up to make our ICC Pinecrest home a center for our community to gather and foster close relationship between us. We plan to have workshop, seminar, dance, vocal group, song, traditional costumes fashion show, youth leadership and so on as sky is the limit for everyone to reach. However we will start small and step by step.

TO BEGIN  this Saturday March 10, 2012 the following activities and practices will take place for all :

  1. Tax Consultation for Student, this is for tax 2011 season in Canada to help student or under certain income limit to hep in filing 2011 tax to Revenue Canada. Ibu Eka Hartana was kind to spare her time to help student with direct consultation in Pinecrest facility. Appointment will be accepted through ICC contact email This consultation will run through end tax season in April 2012 and available on first come fist serve.
  2. Youngster 4 years old  and above (teenager)  “Lagu dan Gerak”, ibu Fanny Makalam Herlambang will be the mentor and coach on Sing and Dance practices every other Saturday  starting on March 10 (once every 2 week for about 45 min to 1 hr).  Commitment to practice attendance will be required to allow smooth and continuation progress of practice make perfect.  Please bring your son and daughter to the  venue on time as we only have very limited time. More information can be obtained directly to ibu Fanny or ibu Nelly.
  3. All ages, Traditional Costume Fashion Shows (TCFS), ibu Nelly will be the arranger and coordinator for fashion show for everyone. This practice will also take place once every 2 weeks starting this Saturday 10 Mar 2012 at the same day with “Gerak dan Lagu” and expected to last 45min  to 1 hr for each meeting. Please contact ibu Nelly or ibu Retty for more information.