Want to put information on front page?

With the growing of the ICC as organization, it becomes obvious that it is required to be able to spread information to public as quickly as possible. For that reason, the ICC’s website was updated and now uses WordPress content management system (CMS). By using CMS, updating the information on website is simpler. Collaboration of many writers is also possible.

The reasons of using WordPress instead of other CMS are:

  • WordPress provides simpler user interface so that the writer will be able to learn the system faster.
  • Built-in categories hierarchy so that it is easier to group the information compared to other CMS.
  • Built-in tagging system, so that the information can be assigned keywords for easier searching.
  • And many other reasons.

How to upload file into the ICC’s website

There is a time when you need to include file (image, video, document, etc.) into your post. When you want to do it, the file itself can be put anywhere on the internet and then you can just make a link to that file from your post. For example, to include a video, you can upload your video into YouTube and then embed the video into you post.

This post will explain about how to upload the file into the ICC’s website. Uploading the file into the website has some benefits such as more control on your file and more control of your files collection that you upload into the website.

Note: Files uploaded into ICC’s website are intended to be used by ICC’s community. The files are closely monitored. Any violation of this intent will make the file to be deleted.

Uploading file

To be able to upload file into ICC’s website, you need to have at least Contributor account with the website. To upload the file, do the following steps:

1. Log in into the ICC’s website.

How to include picture in your post

A picture is worth a thousand words. Sometime, a simple picture can explain a complex idea a lot better than couple of words.

After previous articles about how to write post and how to include link into your post, in this article I will explain about how to include picture into your post.

Pictures on the web

When you want to put picture on the web, you want it to be as small in size (not necessarily in dimension) as possible. This is because that picture needs to be downloaded by the visitors of the website. The smaller the size of the picture, the faster it is downloaded. To get a picture with smaller size, it is usually saved in format that can still represent its content without loss much of its human perception properties such as color. For this reason, common format used for the web are: JPG/JPEG, GIF, and PNG.


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