ICC at IFF International Food Festival mission is accomplished

Cheer All

Salam, May you are all in good health condition.

Let me start my email with thank God and  congratulation for very successful participation at IFF and Talent Show festival. I also want to convey the gratitude and high appreciation from Event Organizer Manager also from Event vice Manager for our participation and show of community and professionalism.

Our performances were very well received and cheered.  Led by ibu Enny, Dharma Wanita coordinated the performance of Saman Dance carried over by son and daughter of KBRI staff  Anisha Akhyar, Lubna Moeljawan, Sami Moeljawan,  Musa Moeljawan, Farhan Taufik, Zaki Taufik, Nico, Romano Sugianto, Cleo Sugianto and Immanuel Swasono .  On the second performance Imad Rehman showcased his orator skill and impress the attendance with theme “Being the youngest in the family”.  Their performance were applauded and enjoyed by everyone who were in attendance.

I personally thank you to everyone who volunteered, who attended and supported ICC  through donation and prayer so that we can fully participate in fund raising event organized by Youth Yemen and HCI for medical aid in Yemen via HCI.

My utmost appreciation to trio organizer ibu Susi, Ibu Soesi and ibu Iis led by ibu Susi as ICC-IFF Event Manager to plan, prepare and coordinate this event from getting the info, spreading and collecting donations and participation, keeping tab and document, but also they were preparing food, cooking for donation food, servicing table, cleaning and closing after the event and so much other detail work to make this event successful.

I am thankful for generous contribution from trio family members of Indonesian community(all are member of ICC and Indonesian Muslim in Ottawa) in Montreal and Ottawa which donate initial $500 to allow us securing 2 tables for our participation in this festival without using organizations funds which then increase execution  motivation to move forward.

I also appreciate the volunteer for food tables servicing that greet customer with respect, polite and smiles to make the food selling a great success and able to collect net sale of almost $600 with almost no left over food behind. This team is play a key role to show Indonesia warm-hearted, friendly neighborly and graciously displayed by ibu Retty, ibu Nina, ibu Iis, ibu Meta, ibu Shelly, ibu Soesi and mbak Sara.

Off course the tables will be empty without generous donation from member of community in Ottawa and Gatineau. I acknowledge the donation and vendor participation from (I apologize if I miss any)

  • Dharma Wanita member ibu Enny Suprio, ibu Devi Akhyar, ibu Lies Hikmat Moeljawan has donated Rendang, Bihun Goreng and Lapis Beras.
  • Indonesian community member:
    • food donation by ibu Retty Hendarna (Fried Rice and Noodle), ibu Emmy (Nasi Uduk), ibu Nelly Fikrie (Karedok), ibu Edith (Putri Salju), ibu Iis (Es Blewah and Balado Telur), and ibu Susi (Bakso, Ayam Goreng, Scramble Egg, Lalapan and condiment).
    • Food vendor by ibu Sidik (Lumpia), ibu Iis (Fried Banana and Lapis), ibu Susi (Panada), ibu Meta (Ketan) they also donated some of their proceed as well as contribution to ICC funds.
    • Art Craft vendors’ ibu Minda, Ibu Lis Bordt, ibu Emmy and ibu Nur has also participated and contributed to ICC funds.

Equally very importance is the attendance of all levels of our community and these participations is also impressed the organizer as the community which are able to support each other as well as support other community and people in need all over the world. In this regard I want to thank everyone who attended the festivals and I acknowledge the support of:

  • Indonesian Embassy staff led by pak Suprio, ibu Cicilia, pak Hikmat,pak DIon pak Taufiq, pak Sugianto, pak Akhyar, pak Erwin with their families including ibu Sulistyo to come and cheer on the festivity. Apologize if I am miss anyone.
  • Indonesian community member and family  from all over Cornwall, Gatineau, Ottawa, Orleans, Kanata and surrounding area. I personally thank you to each of you which I can’t name one by one.   Not to forget four well known photographers in our community pak Robert, pak Dino, pak Kentus and ibu Soesi, thank you all

I pray to God Almighty to reward and more for all generosity and prayer from all community members support while kindness and goodness will flourish within us Indonesian community in Canada.

To the end I would like to summarize ICC at IFF fund raising result as follow:

  • Donation for 2 tables: $500
  • Net proceed of donated food: $639.25
    • Gross sale of donated foods $639.25
    • Cutlery disposable cost $35.00
    • Raffle ticket deduction $10.00
    • Net Proceed: $639.25 – $35.00 – $10.00 = $594.25
  • Vendor Contribution – $97
    • Food vendors  : $34
    • Art Craft Clothing: $63

I have paid the $500 prior to the festival and after the festival as we decided during ICC meeting that net proceed from food donation will be split evenly between ICC and IFF/HCI and to that effect we have $594.25 divide by 2 as $297.125 and round up to $300 donated to IFF/HCI. So we have donated $800 to the cause at this event. Receipts are available here http://www.indonesiacanada.org/wp-content/uploads/2012/10/ICC-at-IFF.pdf 

Remaining of funds $594.25 – $300 = $294.25 plus vendor contribution of $97 to the total of $391.25 will be placed to ICC funds.

Again thank you for all support and apologize for any shortcoming or misunderstanding.  Hopefully we can work and have fun together again in the future events as one best community in Canada.



Sanda Uttama



ICC at IFF International Food Festival 2012 – 14 October 2012 1PM – 8PM

Salam and Dear All

I on behalf of ICC BoD and Executives would like to thank you all your supports so far, God Willing we will joint the fund raising event at IFF 14 October to benefit Yaman medical aid. We have list of donation and vendor who will participate in this event, in addition we plan to showcase our children talents at the Performance part of IFF.  We also have participation from Dharma Wanita and Indonesian Muslim in Ottawa to join us as Indonesian Canadian Congress.  We welcome any other individual and organization to join, please contact our coordinator below.

The following have been donated from generous members

– fees for reserving 2 tables at the event $500 from one ICC member and two Indonesian Muslim in Ottawa members

– Various donation foods: Nasi Goreng, Nasi Uduk, Mie Goreng, Lapis, Onde-Onde, and other food direct from dapur of ibu-ibu community member. This food will be sold during the event and the net proceed will be split equally between donation to IFF and ICC (50 – 50)

– Various art, craft, dress,and food  vendor who also will be participate showcasing and selling their items.

Since the event will be going from 1PM to 8PM – more food donation are welcome please contact one of the coordinator below or email contact@indonesiacanada.org for more information

We also plan to showcase our children talent Children Oration and Chidren Dance during the event with time and confirmation to follow.

I also happy to announce the ICC coordinator  for this event as follow :

– Event Lead Manager : Marsusi Nurhidayati

– Finance and Secretary : Soesi Atantri

– General Support: Iis Aisyah

Please join us in unity and come to enjoy delicious Indonesian food and other countries participating  food and relax to watch the performance organize by Youth Yaman and HCI.

Thank you and Salam

Sanda Uttama

ICC President