Weekly Angklung Practice – New Time

Selamat Sore

The CANADA DAY shows is closer and closer. We will lead Ooh Canada during Canada Day picnic which ICC participate. The weekly angklung practice will now be  held every Sunday from 11AM to 14PM  starting this weekend June 16, 2013 at Pak Deddy Hendarna residence. Let’s continue practicing with Ms. Edith, Ms. Diana and  Ms. Nina.

Checkout the new practice venue and schedule


See you there.



Looking and Shaping for ICC Angklung Music Group

Dear Indonesian Community,

We are  happy to announce that one of the members of our community has secured the purchase of one set of Angklung bamboo musical instruments from Indonesia and cleared it with Canada Customs. The ICC Board and Executive really appreciate all her efforts as well as her financial generosity in obtaining them.

We sincerely hope that these musical instruments can have a positive impact and improve togetherness within our community while, at the same time, introduce the cultural richness of Indonesia and make other communities in Ottawa and the surrounding area aware of it.

The ICC culture and education team is still at the preparation stage for Angklung practice.  Ibu Nina and Ibu Edith have volunteered to coach the group. We also plan to have a practice every Saturday. More detailed information, including the venue, is still being developed and will be announced when they have been confirmed. Meanwhile we are looking for 10 or more children/young people to start building the Anklung music group.

We are asking all parents to encourage their children to join the ICC Angklung group to master these instruments. Please send your inquiry and mention your child’s interest by email to contact@indonesiacanada.org.

I am sure we have a lot of potential capability “from within” our community and I hope that everyone join us  to support the ICC’s vision to shape a better world for the generations to come.

Thank you for your attention and help in this initiative.