2012 Board of Directors & Executives

Press Release

Indonesian Canadian Congress (ICC) Announces

2012 Board of Directors & Executives



Ottawa, 4 December 2011

The ICC Annual General Meeting was held on November 27, 2011. Mrs. Gita Nurlaila, former ICC president gave ICC activities report during her tenure from 2009-2011. While Mr. Yvon Valade as former ICC treasurer reported current ICC financial statement. At the same time, ICC members also conducted the election for Board of Directors & Executives for 2012.

We are pleased to announce the organization Board of Directors and Executives for 2012 as follows:

  1. Mr. Sanda Uttama President, Board of Director
  2. Mrs. Retty Hendarna Vice President, Board of Director
  3. Mr. Yvon Valade Treasurer, Board of Director
  4. Mrs. Soesi Atantri Secretary, Board of Director
  5. Mr. Budi Mulyono Board of Director
  6. Mr. Atiq Rehman Board of Director
  7. Mr. Amin Makrup Board of Director
  8. Mr. Dino Fikrie Board of Director
  9. Mrs. Nellie Fikrie Board of Director
  10. Mrs. Nina Bancroft Board of Director
  11. Mrs. Ririn Astari Board of Director
  12. Ms. Chiccarina Kerukaspari Board of Director
  13. Mr. Banie Setijoso Board of Director
  14. Mr. Derry Hendarna Board of Director
  15. Mr. Pande Hartana Board of Director

Since its establishment in 2005, the Indonesian Canadian Congress (ICC) has been a strong supporter of multiculturalism in the Canadian society by promoting the views, values, culture and heritage of its members within Canadian communities. One of our missions is to be the first point of contact for people seeking information about Canada as well as for people looking for information about Indonesia, by providing it through our websites and personal contacts. The ICC is active in education, technology, social and cultural activities through community involvement in order to shape a better world for future generations

In closing we would like to thank you former Board of Directors and Executives for their dedication and hard work as well to all ICC members for the support on all ICC Events in the last years. We sincerely hope for more support and involvement to make ICC a relevant and beneficial to our community in Indonesia, Canada and around the world.